The best and most upsetting Instagram food trends of 2017

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The best and most upsetting Instagram food trends of 2017


The best and most upsetting Instagram food trends of 2017


If Twitter is the preserve of politicians and Facebook is where your aunt goes to post inspirational quotes, Instagram is a beautiful escape where the grilled cheeses are made of rainbows and smoothies get served in bowls and topped with edible flowers – seriously.

Here’s a look at some of the best and absolute worst #instafood trends of 2017:

Ube everything

Matcha, you’ve met your match (sorry). In the world of Instagram desserts, purple is the new green. And ube, a yam that’s used in Filipino cooking, is responsible for turning pastries from coast to coast the color of Prince’s dreams, like Ube bae donuts at Brooklyn’s Manila Social Club and molten lava purple cakes from Ganache Patisserie and Cafe by Nicol in Monterey Park, California. We hope this trend is here to stay.

Rainbow grilled cheese

Rainbow bagels, rainbow cheesecake, rainbow…grilled cheese? This trend started in April at Hong Kong café KALA toast, where lavender, basil and tomato flavors went into four kinds of cheese to create a marbled effect straight out of a My Little Pony episode. More than 2,000 #rainbowgrilledcheese posts and dozens of YouTube DIY tutorials later, this dish is officially now a thing.

Unicorn Frappuccino

This spring, Starbucks hijacked the unicorn trend that’s been the subject of a million millennial think pieces and released the color changing Unicorn Frappuccino. Their PR people said, “Magical flavors start off sweet and fruity transforming to pleasantly sour.”

Anthony Bourdain said,  “Wow, that’s like four things I hate all in one sentence: Starbucks, unicorns, and the colors pink and purple… Also a Frappuccino!… Just add pumpkin spice to that mix, and you can nuke the whole county.” With more than 50 listed ingredients, this drink was the opposite of clean eating. For that, we kind of want to salute the monster.

Buffalo latte

Oh, Canada — you tried. On October 12, Tim Hortons released its limited edition buffalo latte made from espresso, steamed milk, mocha, and “bold Buffalo sauce flavor” finished with whipped topping and “zesty Buffalo seasoning.” Only 21 Instagram posts have since been tagged with #buffalolatte.

Toast art

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ジンジャーマントースト🎄✨ ・ #超熟パンアート ・ ハロウィン🎃が終わったら すっかりクリスマスモードです💦 うちもクリスマスツリー飾りましたよ〜🎄 ・ #Pasco 様にお声がけを頂き Pasco様の #超熟パンアート を広めるお手伝いをさせて頂いています。 皆さんも #超熟パンアート のハッシュタグを是非付けて投稿してください💕💖 今日は超熟国産小麦の山型食パン5枚切りです😍💕 さっくりもっちり✨こだわりの美味しさです😋👍 リッチ〜✨❤️ ・ 【超熟パンアートギャラリー】 ・ 材料 ・黒ごまクリーム ・パンに塗るホイップクリーム ・ピーナッツバター ・リンゴンベリージャム ・抹茶ジャム ・ミルクティージャム(shozo coffee) ・超熟山形食パン ・ #超熟#pasco#パスコ#超熟パンアート #超熟食パン#山型食パン#パンアート #国産小麦#ゆめちから #ジンジャーマン#クリスマス #トーストアート#キャラトースト #柄トースト#デコトースト #朝ごパン#nayokoトースト #gingerman#Christmas #toastart#toast#foodpics #bread#instaphoto #foodstagram#toastsforall #japanesefood #instafood#instapic

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The country that gave us the immortal cuteness that is Hello Kitty has now unleashed oh-so-soothing toast art. You go, Japan. Edible patterns of anything kawaii — from gingerbread men to strawberries — gets painted on toast using ingredients like black sesame paste, cream cheese and mango jelly.

Though, to be honest, a lot of the posts tagged #toastart could more accurately be described as #toastartfails. Check out Nayoko Kobayash @nayoko054 and Eiko Mori @estyle1010 for the real deal.

Smoothie bowl

With nearly 1.3 million tagged posts and counting, smoothie bowls are the trend the won’t die, and we’re totally fine with that. Delicious, healthy, and easy to put together, we don’t know what we did before we chucked chia seeds and shredded coconut over our fruity drinks in the morning.

Naan pizza

Sorry, paleo kids – limp cauliflower bases never held a candle to a true pizza crust. But crispy, stretchy, chewy, blackened-in-a-tandoori-oven naan covered in pizza toppings? Well, that’s just genius.


Prank or not, how did Australia go from bringing us the flat white a few years ago to serving up avocado lattes in 2017? How?


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