The royal wedding cake made entirely of cheese is 5-tiered perfection

The royal wedding cake made entirely of cheese is 5-tiered perfection

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The royal wedding cake made entirely of cheese is 5-tiered perfection

When Queen Elizabeth II married Prince Phillip, their wedding cake weighed 500 pounds and, including the decorative floral arrangement on top, it was more than nine feet tall. When her grandson, Prince William, married Kate Middleton, they had an eight-tier traditional wedding cake and a smaller groom’s cake, which together cost a jaw-dropping $80,000. Prince Harry is still several months from marrying Meghan Markle, but the two have just received the most perfect wedding cake in history – so it’s a shame that they left it sitting on a table in Wales.

On Thursday, Harry and Meghan made their first appearance in Wales, which involved smiling at children as they danced, waving, smiling politely as they were presented with a wooden spoon and waving again. During their visit to Cardiff Castle, the couple was also given a five-tier wedding cake made entirely of cheese. The cake was constructed from a variety of cheeses from award-winning Welsh cheesemaker Snowdonia Cheese Company.

“We made it for them. It’s to celebrate their wedding and to offer our congratulations to them,” Simon Mercer, the director of Snowdonia Cheese Company, told Hello. “We do get asked to make wedding cakes occasionally. We have been asked in the past to do it.” (On a personal note, I have never wanted to get married until this very moment, when I learned that an all-cheese cake was a possibility).

The layers of the cake were carefully shaped from a variety of cheeses, including three kinds of cheddar: Black Bomber, an extra-mature cheddar (a variety that has also been named the Best British Cheese Brand three times), Beechwood smoked cheddar, and Green Thunder, a garlic and herb cheddar that Snowdonia itself describes as “a real achievement in cheese-making.”

Despite the obvious superiority of an all-cheese cake, Harry and Meghan have reportedly considered having a banana wedding cake on their big day, which is a huge departure from several generations’ worth of fruit cakes. (It would also become the first banana royal wedding cake, just in case that is information that you’ll need in the future). According to The Telegraph, former royal chef Darren McGrady said that Prince Harry has always loved “anything with banana.”  

After sampling Snowdonia’s glorious cake, though, the couple left it behind when they waved their way out of Cardiff Castle. “They are very welcome to take it away but it’s unlikely,” Mercer said. So, um, could you ship the leftovers to the States?


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