All you need to know about Beyonce's new vegan diet company, '22 Days'

Photo via 22 Days Nutrition

All you need to know about Beyonce's new vegan diet company, '22 Days'


All you need to know about Beyonce's new vegan diet company, '22 Days'


Beyonce, coming off her history-making Coachella performance victory lap, has added another feather to her businesswoman cap. In addition to her athleisure line Ivy Park and ownership stake in WTRMLN WTR, the “Black Bill Gates in the making” recently launched a vegan meal planner app, 22 Days Nutrition, with a machine learning core, meant to democratize the transformative vegan lifestyle makeover she and husband Jay-Z have experienced in recent years.

Beyonce and Jay-Z first began publicly flirting with veganism in 2015 after meeting wellness expert and exercise physiologist Marco Borges. Under his tutelage, and now adhering to the recipes in his cookbook, The 22 Day Revolution, the notoriously private couple began openly sharing their newfound vegan satisfaction and success.

The lead up to Beyonce’s history-making Coachella headlining show – immediately dubbed Beychella thanks to a mid-set rebranding by DJ Khaled – was so couched in secrecy, even the savviest of fans didn’t know what to expect. The setlist, rehearsal schedule, and whether or not Jay-Z and former Destiny’s Child bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams would turn up were carefully guarded by Bey’s tightlipped crew. But one thing that she was surprisingly candid about in the weeks leading up to the fest, was her vegan diet. Then, 44 days out from her weekend one performance, Beyonce invited fans to join her on her vegan march toward Coachella.

A link in her Instagram bio pointed curious ‘grammers to 22 Days Nutrition, where a splash page reads, “Beyoncé’s vegan diet is now available to YOU in her new delicious meal planner!” After years of telling her fans how accessible her vegan diet was, she has now decided to show them instead.

The Carters have now partnered with Borges, to create a plant-based diet assistant app, backed with AI technology, and of-the-moment food delivery partners like Instacart, Peapod and, soon, Amazon Fresh.

We believe that optimum health shouldn’t be something that is reserved for a select few, but is a right for all. Everyone deserves the opportunity to live their best, happiest life,” reads a joint quote from Bey and Jay on the site.

Users begin by telling the app how much time they generally have to spend preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner each week, and what portion size they need to feel satisfied. Users can then filter out specific ingredients they don’t care for, or foods they are allergic to.

From there, the app recommends thousands of recipes like Veggie Bean Salad with Sunflower Seed Parmesan or Eggplant Rollatini to add to your meal plan. Finally, a grocery list is prepared for you based on your selections, and delivery can even be arranged via partner integrations. Accessible food coaches and recipe tutorial videos help keep users motivated and in control of their experience.

But the killer feature of 22 Days has got to be the ease and immediacy with which you can change the number of people you’ll be cooking for or the portion size you’d like to regularly prepare.

In a new relationship? Flick your recipe planner and grocery list up to two people. Have a child who’s a picky eater? Dial your number of diners back down one, and the app will immediately reconfigure your grocery list for the upcoming week. In fact, the simplicity and obviousness of such a feature has me wondering why boxed meal kit companies like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh haven’t yet adopted something so consumer (and diner) friendly.  

Bey’s vegan app will set you back $14/month, or $99 for the year. The young company isn’t revealing user numbers just yet, but it says that 91% of customers say the app has made adopting a vegan diet easier. Oh, and why the name 22 Days? According to the company, psychologists believe it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. The 22nd day is what comes next.


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