Eat Michelin-starred haute French cuisine inside the Eiffel Tower

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Eat Michelin-starred haute French cuisine inside the Eiffel Tower

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Eat Michelin-starred haute French cuisine inside the Eiffel Tower


Since 2007, celebrity Chef Alain Ducasse and executive chef Pascal Féraud ran the one Michelin starred restaurant located in the heart of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.  Diners at Le Jules Verne enjoy modern French cuisine while tanking in the sweeping views of the City of Light, 410 feet up in the air. The restaurant has a separate elevator entrance, allowing guests to “skip the queue” to have a once in a lifetime culinary experience. 

For Chef Ducasse, it was “A restaurant at the very centre of the Eiffel Tower, a dream I held close to my heart. Even today, at every one of my visits, I feel the same emotion when I begin the climb to the second floor… Much more than a restaurant, this place is conductive to dreams and wonderful memories.”

Ducasse and his team spent 17 months surveying the property, 11 months of planning, and approximately 120 days of construction to maximize the space and bring this project and his vision to life.

Prior to Chef Ducasse, the restaurant was a “toursit trap” of sorts for 25 years where food was an afterthought. Chef Féraud and his team worked around the clock to offer 25 perfected dishes as well as 430 wine references – even more impressive considering that the kitchen in the Tower has some restrictions, such as no open flames.

But starting October 1, 2018, the Eiffel Tower will be seeing new chefs run the iconic and historic venue. For the first time in the Tower’s history, two chefs, Frédéric Anton and Thierry Marx, will work together to bring together French haute gastronomy and savoir-faire. New architects and designers will also be redesigning the space to bring a new experience for their guests.

Chef Frédéric Anton who has three Michelin stars as well as is a Meilleur Ouvrier de France, a unique French honor given to those who are considered the best in their craft, has been working at restaurant Le Pré Catelan in Paris for twenty years. He will lead the Le Jules Verne restaurant, making it a culinary destination. His new menu will aim to represent the “French spirit” while paying its respects to the structure of the Tower itself.

On the other hand, Chef Thierry Marx who has two Michelin stars and currently has restaurants around the globe, including the Mandarin Oriental in Paris, will lead the first floor brasserie and take-away concession windows, working to bring accessible but “daring” cuisine to the guests. Marx believes, “The world is evolving and so is gastronomy. I want my food to move with the times. It will be simple, healthier, less wasteful and more local – prepared with locally sourced artisanal products, while remaining pleasurable and a memory maker as strong as a visit to the Eiffel tower itself.”

Guests can book their reservations for lunch or dinner to Le Jules Verne online with a prepayment Currently, lunch starts at €105 for a three course meal and dinner starts at €190 for the Experience Menu five course meal. Make sure you request a table by the window for an unforgettable dining experience.


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